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About Karen

Feeling Sassy!

Karen is a fun loving, Canadian girl who lives on the bank of the Ottawa River in our nation’s capital of Ottawa, Ontario. She is most happy walking in the woods surrounded by Mother Nature. She also loves to bike and to travel. Her most memorable adventure, so far, was a solo trek up the California coast from San Diego to Portland, Oregon in a Mustang.

Solo seems to be her motto at the moment and she is the loving mom of two adults, a young man and a young woman. She has also, recently, been adopted by a 5 year old, formerly stray, cat named Jonathan Holstein and loves animals of all types.

Jonathan Holstein

Karen is a Certified Wholistic Health Coach and is passionate about helping people live younger, longer and better. She is a wonderful cook and has recently turned her talent to Keto cooking to support her journey to health. She also enjoys reading, photography and gardening. Sewing is another passion that, unfortunately, has taken a back seat of late and it is Karen’s plan to rediscover her bliss at the sewing machine in the near future.