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Master Key Experience-Week 6

Focus on Where You’re Going

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Opinion is moving the magnifying glass…

–Hold it dead center on self discovery; find and claim the dazzling power within.

Mark J and The Fabulous Davene

It’s week 2 of no opinions. Seriously? Have you met me yet? Opinions are my drug of choice. And this is cold turkey, not even 12 stepping it! I’ve been working away at this task, practicing with my sister. We have some pretty deep conversations that usually contain plenty of opinions. I was intrigued to observe that, by suspending my opinions, I was able to be more present and to actually consider my response before I offered it. Our conversations are much richer.

We delved into R. W. Emerson’s essay, Compensation. It is an onerous read and, once one gets beyond the vintage language, it is a powerful message. It will take a few more reads for me to fully grasp his discussion of Universal duality.

I received a package late last week from my Guide. It was marked, “Do not open until Nov. 1.” In the Sunday afternoon webinar we were introduced to the metaphor of the compass and the magnifying glass. The compass represents our DMP, our heart’s desire, our True North. The magnifying glass is a reminder that, when the sun shines through it and it is moved about no appreciable result occurs. However, hold it still and allow the sunlight to concentrate then there is enough focused energy to cause a fire. So it is with thoughts. If they are scattered then no result can be achieved and with concentration nothing is impossible. And so, on Nov. 1 I opened my package and was delighted to find a compass and magnifying glass to remind me to focus on my True North…and no opinions.

I always keep my promises.


2 thoughts on “Master Key Experience-Week 6

  1. Haha! I like your description of Emerson’s “Compensation”–onerous indeed! I’m happy to report that it grows on you with repeated exposure! Thank you for sharing the shift you noticed in your conversation with your sister–that’s powerful! 🙂

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