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Master Keys–Week 8

I’m on a diet; it’s not Keto! It’s week two of the Mental Diet. No opinions and no negative thoughts. Replace a negative thought with a positive one within 7 seconds or begin again. I thought this would be a cakewalk for me because I live alone, work from home and haven’t been really interactingContinue reading “Master Keys–Week 8”

Master Keys–Week 7

Love Is The Answer I greet this day with love in my heart. Og Mandino–The Greatest Salesman in the World I have always admired the people I encounter that go through life giving love, seeing love, finding love, being love. It was one of the biggest reasons I embarked on this adventure; that is theContinue reading “Master Keys–Week 7”

Master Key Experience-Week 6

Focus on Where You’re Going Opinion is moving the magnifying glass… –Hold it dead center on self discovery; find and claim the dazzling power within. Mark J and The Fabulous Davene It’s week 2 of no opinions. Seriously? Have you met me yet? Opinions are my drug of choice. And this is cold turkey, notContinue reading “Master Key Experience-Week 6”

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